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Scenes from InsideOUT

(no dialog) scenes from InsideOUT from B.Nabours on Vimeo.


InsideOut investigates the
repercussions of the recent
economic downturn on individuals
who have been forced to adapt to the
changing economic times - from
bankruptcy to foreclosure to relocation
- turning their lives INSIDE OUT.


I'm B. (Beverly) Nabours, an artist/filmmaker and solo-parent currently residing in Sedona, Arizona.

After years of financial struggle, bankruptcy, job loss, business loss and intermittent homelessness myself, I believed my story to be the exception to the rule - until I began to see so many of my more financially successful and "stable" friends and family start going through similar challenges.

When I began researching my film I was astounded at how many different stories are out there and the way people have creatively dealt with being forced to make major lifestyle changes.

InsideOut is actually the back-story to a documentary film I am currently working on entitled "There's No Place Like Home" (formerly "TransMutants!") which reveals the unexpected "happy" outcomes and postiive discoveries of dealing with difficult life circumstances such as job loss, loss of home or loss of business.


Ceci Leaving Home

Currently I'm raising funds to purchase software (and hopefully hardware as well) to enable me to continue to work in film production and editing AND to complete There's No Place Like Home.

Thank you for your contributions!

Contributions accepted here
- Thank you!